What's New in Luxury Travel in 2017?

When it comes to the ultimate getaway, luxury travel is enjoying some new trends.

In a recent report by My Travel Research, high-income travelers have a preference for experiential travel with a focus on mindfulness and wellbeing to replenish the mind, body, and soul. Nature’s playground is the new luxury destination. Travelers are seeking earthy adventures in the Galapagos, Iceland and the Antarctic or finding solace under the stars at exclusive events that feature solar eclipses or Thought Leadership destinations.

Luxury traditions haven’t gone completely off the grid, however. Luxury travelers are still seeking out the ultimate yacht, river, or boat cruise, where every desire and need is anticipated before stepping on board. Charter a yacht in Monaco, or embark on a wine adventure through the wine regions of Washington and Oregon aboard the turn-of-the-20th-century-inspired, 88-guest S.S. Legacy “Ameritage! Four Rivers of Wine & History.”

TravelMarketReport.com asked 15 professional travelers to identify luxury trends, revealing a pattern of culture immersion, personalization, and authenticity. This includes nestling up to the locals, not just hitting the hip and trendy spots, but dining where the locals dine. Customized agendas are still in demand, as is a more personalized approach where honeymooners arrive at their suite to discover their wedding song playing in the background. Cooking classes combined with a day of sailing rounds out the cultural experience, while delving into the art scene at an artist-in-residence hotel gives the traveler additional exposure to the culture of their destination city. Faena Hotel in Miami Beach offers art programs for guests, with an additional children’s art curriculum where local artists inspire kids to create their own artful designs.

Whether your idea of luxury travel is a day by the pool in your own backyard sanctuary or a day of sailing in the south of France, cultural immersion seems to be the top trend for 2017.


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