Transform Your Master Bathroom Into a Home Spa With These 9 Upgrades

Give Your Bathroom a More Luxurious Feel

After the last year, who wouldn’t want to relax at a spa? With a few simple upgrades, you can create the relaxing atmosphere of your favorite spa right in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’ve got the budget for a major bathroom renovation or need to confine yourself to a simple trip to the hardware store, here’s how to upgrade your home bathroom into something worthy of a luxury spa. 

1. Warm It Up

Even in the warmer months of the year, stepping out of a hot shower into a freezing cold bathroom can be a miserable experience. Consider investing in radiant-heat flooring! This system is installed below your bathroom floor and is controlled via the thermostat; it works well underneath typically cold surfaces like stone or ceramic tile.

Expect installation to take several days at least, and consult with professionals if you don’t feel confident tackling this project by yourself. A professional installer will be able to take all safety protocols and double-check everything; in a bathroom where lots of plumbing and water is involved, you’ll want to be sure that everything is up to code.

If a full floor upgrade isn’t feasible for you right now, there are plenty of more minor upgrades that won’t break the bank but will give your master bathroom a cozy, spa-like feel. Try a plush memory foam bath mat by the shower and sink, or add a soft area rug to keep the space feeling warm.

2. Bathe in Luxury

If you’re able to invest in a brand-new bathtub, check out the variety of styles that are popular nowadays, from corner tubs to claw-foot ones. Freestanding tubs are very desirable and give your master bathroom a fabulous, luxurious feel; these tubs also serve as the room’s focal point since they can be installed anywhere plumbing is accessible. Depending on the vibe you’re looking to create in your bathroom, you may also consider something stylish like a claw-foot tub, which fits a Victorian aesthetic nicely. For that authentic spa experience, look into a soaking tub, which is available in various designs; these tubs are characterized by their depth, which allows for more relaxing baths.

When you’ve got your new bathtub all set up, consider stocking up on some bath bombs to create the ultimate soothing experience! Lush, the inventor of the bath bomb, is known for its fantastic seasonal scents, but you can also find some great options on Amazon. If you suffer from sore muscles or back pain, you can supplement the bath with scented Epsom salts that can be easily picked up at your local drugstore or grocery store; this is the perfect way to wind down after exercising or a long day at work.

Bathtub caddies are all the rage nowadays! The caddy is essentially a tray that fits horizontally across the tub, creating a table-like surface for you to use during your relaxing bath. Use it to safely bring your laptop or iPad with you to catch up on your favorite Netflix show, or use it to prop up that great book you’re reading. If you’re simply ready to relax and rest your eyes, brew a cup of tea or prepare a refreshing glass of cold water, and set up your caddy with some scented candles. Scents like jasmine or lavender are perfect to create that spa atmosphere.
Bathe in Luxury

3. Get Comfy

To create the true spa experience in the comfort of your own home, pick up some special towels to add a touch of comfort. Rather than using the same old towels you use to dry off after your shower routine, pick out something luxurious and soft—Turkish cotton is a popular choice! Select something monogrammed or simple, whatever best fits the atmosphere you’re creating in the master bathroom. Egyptian cotton is another fabulous option. Check out Pottery Barn or Brooklinen for some luxurious options!

When you think of a visit to the spa, odds are you think of lounging around in those plush, comfy robes. Invest in a bathrobe that will make you feel like you’re on vacation! A robe is a perfect choice after you’ve dried off but still want to stay comfortable; maybe you need to dry and style your hair, apply makeup, or do some pampering with face masks or a manicure and pedicure. Terry cloth bathrobes are always popular, but check out cotton blends, bamboo fiber, or even cashmere.

Now, how do you want to display those towels and robes? Sure, you can fold them neatly in the closet, but since they’re special, you may want to display these items with pride. Install a luxury towel rack—by the way, there are plenty of heated options here too! You’ll love stepping out of the bath and immediately wrapping yourself in a pleasantly warm and plush towel.

4. Brighten With Gold

One of the easiest bathroom upgrades to perform is swapping out hardware, and what’s more luxurious than gold? Browse your favorite local hardware store for golden accessories like drawer handles, pulls, faucets, and even doorknobs, and swap them out to create a gilded, luxurious look.

Get Comfy

5. Get Creative With Storage

It’s hard to feel relaxed in a cluttered bathroom. Whether you’ve got hair products piling up in the shower or soaps and makeup cluttering the sink, a messy space can take away from the spa atmosphere you’re trying to create. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions for decluttering your master bathroom.

Install some trendy but straightforward shelving; this is an especially helpful solution if you’re working with a smaller space. Several tiers of open shelving can be functional and aesthetically pleasing, providing a place to store folded towels, fancy soaps, or decorative accents like small plants, candles, and framed photos.

If it’s feasible and works in the space, consider installing a chic medicine cabinet. With a door that closes, this cabinet is the perfect way to keep extraneous clutter stored away, from toothpaste to perfume. You can also insert small organizational trays inside the cabinet to ensure everything stays neat and tidy inside.

6. Decorate With Greenery

Adding tasteful plants to your master bathroom can be a great way to make it feel cozy and relaxing, but you don’t need to go overboard. Check out some low-maintenance plants like the ever-trendy succulent, which doesn’t require much watering or attention but still looks great perched on a shelf, windowsill, or countertop.
Another popular choice? Air plants, known for their elegant simplicity, chic aesthetic, and no-hassle maintenance level. Choose from stylish hanging plants, natural wood containers, or stunning glass-blown terrariums. There’s a plant to fit any mood you’re looking to create.
Decorate With Greenery

7. Breathe Easy

Get your bathroom smelling spa-ready with some relaxing scents—this is one of the easiest ways to get into a relaxed state of mind. Stock up on candles at retailers like Home Goods or Target, and browse local boutiques for some high-end selections that are up on the latest trends, from soy-based to wood wicks.
Chamomile and lavender are both fabulous options for a late-night spa session and will get you into a sleepy, relaxed mindset. Citrusy scents like orange and lemon are great for the morning; they’re proven to clear your head and brighten up your mood. Peppermint scents are excellent for stress relief, and eucalyptus can make for a fabulous choice if you’re feeling congested or coming down with a cold. You might also look into essential oils and aromatherapy, as these can also create pleasant and relaxing scents.

8. Deck the Walls

Bathroom walls are sometimes left blank since the room isn’t typically considered the house’s focal point. To create your at-home spa, select some simple framed art prints that aren’t too distracting to hang on the walls. Cheerful and calming artwork can instantly transform a room and make it a more pleasant place to spend time.
You might also consider hanging some framed photographs of your favorite places, like vacation destinations, beach scenes, or childhood memories—anything that makes you feel calm and relaxed. 

9. Clear Surfaces

A cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind, making it difficult to relax. Before you start the process of organizing your master bathroom, clean all sinks, tubs, showers, and countertops, making sure they’re free of dust or grime. If possible, use cleaning supplies that have fresh lemon or citrus scents to keep everything smelling pleasant.
Of course, you’ll need to keep some items out on your countertop or sink, but instead of placing mismatched containers in the area, pick up a cohesive and stylish set of bottles and jars to contain your products. This could include hand soap and lotion dispensers, soap dishes, and toothbrush holders, as well as trendy accessories like small glass containers or mason jars to hold cotton balls, toothpicks, or Q-tips. Cute containers for these toiletries can be found at your favorite home goods stores and can easily brighten things up, making you feel like you’re at the spa!
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