To Blog or Not to Blog?...That is the Question

This is a question I have been wrestling with for quite some time. I consider myself a relatively educated, forward-thinking, social-minded individual open to exploring and understanding social media. My dilemma has been: Why should I be interested in social media in the first place? Should I be a part of it? Do I want to be a part of it? Am I already a part of it? Why do I want to be a part of it? Then there are all the human insecurities that go along with something "new" that exposes us "socially". Will I be good at it? Will I like it? Will it like me? What are the consequences, and ultimately, who will care?
I believe I know a thing or two about socializing. I would go as far as to say that I am particularly good at socializing having planned, organized, and attended a variety of social functions. Tell me, does social media have anything to do with party planning? I would like to think of blogging as the ultimate planning, attending, and critiquing of an internet "party" where the guest list is open-ended, the venue is wherever you want it to be, the food and drinks are free and you, the writer, are the host and the entertainment providing opinion on whatever topic is on your mind. Think of a "party" with no end where we are only limited by our imagination and our capacity to pontificate to the "world". Sounds promising. Consider this your invitation. Welcome to my party!


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