The 5 Most Important Rooms in Your Luxury Home

Whether searching for an intelligent choice of a luxury home that will really maximize your life, renovating your home with a future resale in mind, or flipping high-end homes, it is important to recognize which rooms are the most impactful today. So which rooms are they? Why are they so pivotal to enjoyment and property value? Which features and styles can help make the most of these luxurious spaces?

1. The Master Bath

Trulia names the master bath as one of the two most important rooms in a house. This has long been appreciated by custom home builders, real estate investors, and luxury agents. However, the standard of expectation for these private enclaves is certainly evolving. Most notably today’s in-style master bathrooms evoke the feel and aesthetics of the finest luxury spas and five-star resorts. The winners of the 2015 World Luxury Spa Awards conjure up images of tranquil spaces bathed in lots of natural light, wooden beamed ceilings, and unique sinks. In 2016 the finest NYC condominiums have leaped far beyond the days of simply boasting dual sinks, to his and hers dressing areas with luxurious tubs separating them. The most adventurous is pioneering creative grotto showers that blend exterior nature and expansive cave-like shower spaces. Just don’t forget the heated floors and towel warmers.

2. The Kitchen

‘Chef’s kitchens’ continue to top the list of most desirable features by home buyers. Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion which recently listed for $200M includes a literal chef’s kitchen, though much more of the back of your local diner variety. Most homeowners aren’t feeding 10,000 guests each year like Hefner. While some are certainly jumping on the healthy eating from scratch at home bandwagon, for most buyers the kitchen is about entertaining and wowing guests with visual grandness. This means bold appliances and islands. For the connoisseur, there is the Meneghini “La Cambusa” which looks more like a vintage time machine than a fridge and runs up to $41,500. This makes the controversial Samsung smart fridge a relative bargain at just $5,000. When it comes to countertops and kitchen islands size definitely matters. An expansive island can be the main selling feature of a home. Note that granite finally seems to have had its day as luxury homeowners turn to quartz and marble.

3. The Room with the Best View

For the most eligible luxury home buyers, it is all about the view. It’s not uncommon for multiple condo units and entire multi-million dollar homes to be gutted and reconfigured to ensure every room has a spectacular view. Even if a project of that magnitude isn’t in your scope of work, make sure the property boasts a magnificent location that will enable the next owner to complete this level of renovations. Views are also the reason that indoor-outdoor spaces have risen to become one of the most in-demand trends. If you desire a home worth showing off go for flexible and transitional indoor-outdoor features which can reconfigure spaces on-demand, and preferably with the click of a button.

4. Entrances

Former Versace model Kaya Wittenburg highlights how luxury condo buildings in the world’s most fashionable property markets are increasingly becoming separated based on their dramatic entrances. Do not skimp on the entrance. If curb appeal is the key to getting potential buyers into your home, the experience delivered when they walk through the front door makes all the difference in the real first impression. When you are dealing in a property at the top of the market this room alone can add or subtract millions of dollars off of the sales price. A staircase is a simple solution, while others have installed monumental multistory chandeliers, and in one case mounted a Lamborghini on the wall.

5. The Meditation Room

The Wall St. Journal has noted that ‘spiritual spaces’ have been trending for a while. For some, this is a cozy Moroccan-inspired den. For others, it is a Zen garden or full-sized chapel. It’s really whatever extra space you designate for destressing and getting in your optimal zone. More and more luxury homeowners appear to be installing their own dedicated massage rooms for this purpose. For others, it is a full-on home gym, complete with yoga spaces, ceiling-mounted boxing bags, and Pilates machines, and with plenty of glass for maximizing the view.

What will you design?



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