The 10 Must-Have Features & Services for Luxury Property in 2016

What should the most discerning luxury home buyers be demanding now? Shopping for a new luxury residence, vacation getaway, or just itching to upgrade your current assets? These are the building features and services the truly distinguished ought to be insisting on today…

1. Real Gyms
A treadmill is not a gym. A room with a mirror, TV, and a pair of cardio machines is not a gym. Unless the marketing team is willing to offer themselves up as jiu-jitsu training partners, they should not be permitted to use the word ‘gym’ as casually as they have in the recent past. For personal fitness, retaining value, and resale potential; a complete home gym needs adequate space for equipment for a full body workout.

2. Smart Home Technology
Smart home technology is becoming an automated personal concierge in itself. Smart fridges are approaching the point of being able to order the replenishment of groceries automatically. New buildings like O Residences in Miami connect smart in home panels with the valet to eliminate waiting.

3. Child Care & Entertainment
NYC’s best buildings now come with playrooms and entertainment spaces for younger residences. With more wealthy families traveling just for summer camps, these can be a unique selling feature as well. Nannies and child care on-site are a growing must for luxury vacation rental owners desiring to cater to the broadest base. Having to find and vet a third party service for themselves is daunting, and grueling for travelers.

4. Earthquake & Disaster Preparedness
Security should never be taken for granted. Unexpected emergencies by their nature can prevent private jets, helicopters, and even drivers from getting in. Having a dedicated local service on standby to rush into action to prepare a property for a pending storm, provide a personal security detail on-demand, and to protect belongings is a growing and urgent need.

5. Luxury Transport Service
For viewing potential properties to purchase, or getting to and from luxury rentals, an equally luxurious transport service should be provided. A safe, convenient, and equally prestigious vehicle should be on hand to deliver a seamless experience. The Skylofts at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for instance provides a fleet of chauffeured Rolls Royce vehicles, and does not permit taxis or other lessor automobiles on the property.

6. Virtual Concierges
Haute Living says that top-shelf life experiences just take time and connections to coordinate. If those are elusive, nothing but the best is a must, and they must be available 24/7, 365 days a year, then a personal concierge service is mandatory. Some of the most notable of these services include MINT, WGY, Luxury Attaché which counts Google and Madison Square Gardens as clients, and Quintessentially which is known for serving Audi, HSBC Private Bank, and P. Diddy. Need a limited edition Hermes bag for a night out, reservations to a restaurant which doesn’t even take reservations, or a private yacht charter; these services will take care of you and your guests.

7. The Scorpion
Taking personal concierge service to the next level; Concierge Up, offers on-demand problem solving, headed up by the real life Scorpion of the CBS TV show, and over 2,000 of the world’s smartest individuals. Want to add a 50 foot shark tank to your living room, create a collection of the finest wines from around the globe and have them stored in your own custom wine cellar, or build a casino on your private island; this service has you covered.

8. Luxury Spas
You can’t perform at your best, unless you are feeling your best. Today’s best properties and buildings are those which offer on-site spas and spa services. Spa-like bathrooms and massage rooms are trending in luxury homes. Higher-end condo buildings in New York are now increasingly including pet spas as well.

9. Beach Clubs
You don’t have to live on the beach to get to enjoy it and have VIP parking. Luxury inland communities can provide safer and more sustainable residences, for less money, and yet with a private beach club to offer all the perks of oceanfront living.

10. Personal Chefs
Healthy eating, home grocery and meal delivery are now mainstays. Yet, today’s busy professionals don’t have time to cook well for their families, or want to be stuck at the stove when entertaining guests. With staff quarters making a comeback in both high-end homes and condos it’s easier than ever to have a full time chef on staff. The long-term benefits of eating better, and enhancing performance can certainly make this indulgence pay for itself too.



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