Taking the Superyacht to New Heights: Unique Design Meets Ultimate Luxury

Innovative Italian designer Gabriel Teruzzi has released his designs for a superyacht that takes luxury to new heights; the 492-foot long yacht not only boasts a 3,000-square foot main deck beach club complete with an aquarium and several pools, but the most remarkable feature is the captain’s cabin, an 1,130 square foot terrace elevated 125 feet above sea level. This concept, something never before seen on a superyacht, provides both owner and guests with unparalleled views, bringing them from sea to sky and transporting them closer to the clouds. 

The cabin would be complete with a bar, a dining area, and an infinity pool, all from the top of the world, where privacy is supreme and luxury is unrivaled. Teruzzi imagines the superyacht, inspired by contemporary architecture and dubbed Shaddai (translated from Hebrew to mean ‘almighty’ or ‘omnipotent’), to be complete with the finest finishes, from glass-walled infinity pools to textiles from top Italian fashion houses. 

For now, Teruzzi’s vision is just that, a concept waiting to be built by someone bold enough to take on the challenge and take superyachts to new heights. With a price tag of $250 million, it’ll take a true tycoon without a fear of heights to make this exquisite dream a reality.


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