Residents of Rancho Santa Fe On Alert

Rancho Santa Fe and all of San Diego County have been asked to watch out for the Light Brown Apple Moth. If you have fruit trees or active gardens, check your leaves, buds, and fruit for signs of larvae. The moths and larvae feed on apple, blueberry, peach, pear, strawberry, grape, cabbage, corn, pepper, and tomato, although they can also be found on oak, willow, poplar, and walnut trees and rose, chrysanthemum, and dahlia flowers.

A meeting to learn more and discuss options including the recently approved quarantine of fruits and vegetables from the San Diego and Rancho Santa Fe area will be held at the Fallbrook Community Center on August 10th at 2 p.m.

For more information, visit the County of San Diego website. Until then, keep your plants, fruits, and vegetables at home and call 1-800-491-1899 if you suspect that the Light Brown Apple Moth is in your garden. To volunteer in the Rancho Santa Fe area trapping program, call 800-300-8727.


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