Rancho Santa Fe—Be Aware!

Rancho Santa Fe has been the home of recent mountain lion sightings. While this may sound alarming, with constant surveillance by Rancho Santa Fe Patrol, safety is not as big of a concern as awareness.

Two basic awareness tips are that small children (or pets) should not be left unsupervised outdoors and that special care needs to be taken with regard to any food left outdoors. Pet food arrangements should especially be considered carefully, so as not to attract wildlife. Other methods of reducing risk are not feeding deer, eliminate potential hiding places by trimming shrubbery, installing lighting which detects movement, and providing safe shelter and outdoor habits for pets and livestock.

For more information, click here. If you do encounter a mountain lion, make yourself look as huge as possible by extending and waving your arms and making yourself appear very tall. Fighting back, throwing rocks and large branches, and calling 911 are appropriate life-saving techniques, as well, if you need to defend yourself. Do not try to run away or turn your back on the animal. Knowing these tips will help you no matter where you might encounter such an animal, whether it be the wilderness on safari or in your local Rancho Santa Fe community. Take care and be safe!


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