Newest Landscaping Trends and How to Incorporate Them Into Your Yard

Sustainability and functionality are top priorities for today’s landscaping, which is why the hottest trends in outdoor style are focused on using your little patch of paradise to make the planet a better place. 

Edible Landscaping

Sounds delicious right? Well, it is, and not to mention beautiful. Why not mix some edibles in with your landscaping?  What could be a more stunning shade of crimson than a patch of chili peppers? They add a splash of color to your greenery and make a mean salsa. Try swapping a few daylilies for eggplants. When deliberately placed they create textural and sensational variety. Herbs are also popular choices for edible landscaping varietals. This season, be bold, go edible.


Drought tolerant landscaping continues to be coveted by homeowners regardless of their annual average rainfall. Anyone who has seen the beauty of an elusive cactus bloom can attest that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to desert plants. Succulents are quickly growing in popularity as an indoor plant trend, but can easily be incorporated into your outdoor space as well. Look for xeriscape designs that expose the beauty and texture of individual plants by using negative space. Consider using materials such as adobe and corrugated metal that are accentuated by the soft green and ash tones of drought-tolerant plants. Or try decorating with cattle skulls or metal sculptures to make your garden reminiscent of a Georgia O’keefe painting.   

Potted Accents

A beautiful potted plant doesn’t have to be restricted to the porch. It can be placed right in the middle of a floral bed as a centerpiece. The potting medium allows you to incorporate more delicate plants that might otherwise struggle in the ground. Oversized pots can give the impression that your garden is overflowing with bounty. They also make for a grand entryway when bordering a door to the house. 

Native Plants

Your yard is a piece of the larger ecosystem and supports native pollinators in your area, which is why incorporating native plants is sure to be one of the biggest, and most beneficial, landscape trends of 2018. As we all know, bees have come upon hard times, and scientists aren’t entirely sure why bee populations have seen such a dramatic decline in recent years. What we do know is that providing ample food sources and decreasing habitat fragmentation caused by development can help, and a simple way to do that is by sprinkling some native flowers and grasses into your garden. Using a native plant also gives us a chance to celebrate and pay homage to the plants that emblematic of the beautiful areas in which we have chosen to live in. A trusted landscaper will know what plants are best to use for your area. 


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