How to Make a Positive Impact in Your Community

For all of us living in San Diego, we have been “sheltered in place” in our homes for a little over a month. By now, we have mastered the art of the Zoom Call, finished Netflix and have washed more dishes than ever before. We probably have never seen so much of our spouses, and our children have never seen so little of their friends. Although, by this point we are strangely adjusting to this “new normal.” However, for most of us, one feeling still lingers, helplessness... Frightful headlines appear on our screens, as we wonder WHAT we can do to help. The positivity that we are desperately trying to ignite inside our homes CAN be spread to our community! The power of positivity is STRONG, and one person CAN make a difference. That being said, here is a list of 5 things we can all do, to make a positive impact on our community TODAY:

STAY HOME and Encourage Others to Do the Same

Hopefully we have all already been participating in this practice, and following the government guidelines! It seems that the way to stay healthy, and stop the spread of COVID-19 is by staying in our homes, until instructed otherwise. Clinical Psychologist Aarti Gupta says, “The smallest action that can make the biggest impact for the greater good is to stay home.” While at home, commit to your health; wash your hands frequently, stop touching your face and eat immune-boosting foods! And, if you know anyone still not following the “shelter in place” order, explain to them the importance of it. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

Support Local Businesses 

This one is SO important. If we want our favorite local restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, bars, bakeries, salons, etc. to be able to open back up when this quarantine ends, they NEED our help! Small businesses are getting hit HARD by this pandemic, and all of our local unique shops and eateries are such a huge part of what makes our community in San Diego so special. Let’s help our community, and sprinkle the positivity around like confetti! Whether it’s buying gift cards, ordering take out, writing a stellar online review or referring your friends, there are a million ways that we can all contribute.

Foster a Pet or Adopt a Forever Friend

This is not a drill, MANY animal shelters across the United States have had to shut their doors to the public. While suffering staffing shortages, shelters are experiencing an increase of pet surrenders and strays, due to economic hardship. We can NOT forget about the animals, let’s come together and give these furry friends somewhere to feel safe and loved. PSA: bringing a new pet into your life may be just the positive boost you need as well.

Reach Out to Others 

Now that we ALL have some spare time on our hands, we should try to take advantage of it. Make a list of people you have been wanting to catch up with, and set aside time to call them. Odds are, you will both leave the conversation feeling more positive. And, you never know who could really be struggling during this time. Your call could make someone’s day, or even make all of the difference for them. Letting people know that you care about them is MAGIC.

Give What You Can

The silver lining of this COVID-19 quarantine is that it truly has brought not only our community, but the entire world together. The slogan “We are all in this together” has been blasted across social media, and its words ring more true now than arguably ever before. Now is the time to do what we can for others, and spread the positivity however we can. Maybe it is grocery shopping for an elderly neighbor, donating blood, volunteering at a help hotline, giving to the food bank, sewing masks to donate, reading a story to friend’s children on Instagram or Facebook live or posting positive content online. Give what you can, and most importantly, SPREAD THE POSITIVITY however you can.


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