How to Care for Your Growing Luxury Auto Collection

Learn the Top Tips to Maintain Your Luxury Cars

Whether you have a love for antique vehicles or you’re looking to diversify your investments with a car collection, it’s important to keep your automobiles in tip-top condition. By caring for your car collection, you’ll set yourself up for an assortment of vehicles that look better and maintain value. Here are some tips to keep your auto collection in pristine shape.

Smart Storage

When establishing a car collection, the first order of business is determining where to store your vehicles. Depending on the number of cars you’d like to accumulate, you may or may not be able to store your vehicles at home. Many auto enthusiasts appreciate the convenience of storing collected cars on their own property, like the split-level eight-car garage in this Rancho Santa Fe home or the attached six-car garage of this European-style villa. However, as your collection grows, you may begin to look into separate warehouses to store your prized vehicles.

Nonetheless, it’s important to look at buildings that are easily accessible so you can take your cars out for a ride whenever it’s convenient for you.

Whether you choose to keep your cars at home or in designated storage space, you’ll want to ensure that the cars are in the proper condition. To avoid premature and unwanted corrosion to the vehicles, be sure to maintain storage conditions that have:

  • Protection from direct sunlight
  • Stable temperature and humidity levels
  • Shelter from dust, dirt, and gravel
  • Adequate drainage beneath the car

Cleaning is Compulsory

To maintain your car collection, it’s ultra-important to stay on top of cleaning. The level of cleanliness contributes to the amount of corrosion your vehicles will endure. Therefore, you’ll want to keep your luxury cars in good shape by detailing the following areas of each auto:

  • Interior furnishings
  • Exterior
  • Undercarriage
  • Wheels
Not only will cleaning your vehicles make them last longer, but it will also create a more impressionable appearance. For optimal shine, be sure to wax the cars in your collection.


Not only do you need to clean your collection, but you also have to put in the effort to maintain it. Cars are machines that require continual upkeep. Here, we will discuss the top ways to ensure optimal vehicle maintenance while your cars are in storage.

One simple way to maintain the quality status of your automobile is by checking the tire pressure. When cars are stored in areas with changing temperatures or over an extended period of time, tires begin to deflate. Therefore, you’ll want to periodically fill the tires to the recommended level, but not higher.

Topping off fluid levels is also essential. Be sure that all fluid levels (including gas) are full before storing the car. You might also consider changing the oil throughout the year--especially if the vehicle is remaining especially stagnant. 

Hire Help

Do you want a large car collection but don’t have the time to manage it all? Don’t worry. There are many car experts who are passionate about maintaining car collections. Be sure to hire someone who is knowledgeable about automobiles so you minimize any potential risk of damage to your prized set of cars. 

Hiring help doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy taking your cars for a drive or providing vehicle maintenance yourself. You can sustain your joy of caring for your cars while benefiting from an extra set of hands when needed.

Are you interested in finding the perfect space to store your luxury cars or a property that could accommodate your collection? If so, reach out. It would be my pleasure to help you find the perfect piece of Rancho Santa Fe real estate for you and your auto collection. K Ann. Brizolis and her team are trusted luxury Rancho Santa Fe real estate agents.


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