Fitness Tips for Rancho Santa Fe Residents

Whether you’re just starting out with a fitness routine or are looking for a few tips on getting bikini ready, Sue Grant, a fitness trainer in Rancho Santa Fe has some tips for you! As a local ACE-certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Master FallProof Instructor, Sue works at the Encinitas YMCA and Personally Fit in Rancho Santa Fe, as well as with home clients.

For those just starting out, Sue’s best advice is to “find something you enjoy!” She also suggests having a fitness buddy to encourage you. Sue loves walking the horse trails in Rancho Santa Fe (call her for specific suggestions) and walking and cycling the beach at low tide. Golf, tennis, and swim are also great activities if that’s what you like. In Rancho Santa Fe, near Helen Woodward Animal Care Facility, is a friendly, small, unintimidating gym called Personally Fit that would be a great place to begin a workout program, too.

For maximum results aka bikini readiness, Sue believes interval exercises increase metabolism best. This would involve exercising intensely for 30 seconds to 2 minutes and then resting until breathing and talking normalizes, and continually repeating. This method can jumpstart the metabolism so it continues to work even after the exercise. Sue also combines lower body squats and lunges in all different directions, creating “‘functional moves’ that we do in our everyday lives” and upper body strength work. An example would be squatting with rotation, and when standing up, doing a biceps curl. That way the big “calorie burning” muscles are worked with squats and lunges, yet the upper body develops shape at the same time.

Sue Grant, ACE-certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Master FallProof Instructor can be reached at 760.815.0005 or [email protected].


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