Art and Yoga at the Museum

This spring, the San Diego Museum of Art is featuring two Asian art shows, Echoes of the Past and Dyeing Elegance.  Echoes of the Past features some of the artwork of the Buddhist cave temples of Xiangtangshan, located in Northern China.  Built-in the 6th century, these limestone caves once contained a large number of statues.  Unfortunately, in the last 100 years, the statues were removed piecemeal for sale.  This exhibit contains 14 pieces of art from the cave and six other pieces from the same period.  Modern technology allows for a virtual reconstruction of the caves and visitors to the exhibit can interact with these images using touch-screen technology.
Dyeing Elegance features the unique wax-resist dyeing art of Japanese artist Kuboku Takaku and his daughter Hisako.  Last century, Takaku developed this unique dyeing method, and Hisako, still creating today, creates some of the most sought-after artwork in Japan.  Their artwork combines traditional Japanese motifs with modern sensibilities.  This exhibit will showcase both Kobuku and Hisako’s multiple media artwork.
Another ancient tradition that comes from the East is yoga.  While the exact origins of yoga are not certain, evidence points to its existence as early as 3000 BC.  More than just a physical practice, yoga is shown to improve concentration and relieve stress.  To enhance visitors' immersion into Eastern culture for these two exhibits, the museum is offering yoga classes on Wednesdays from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, now until April 18th.  Teacher Amy Hyde is experienced in teaching Iyengar yoga, a discipline that emphasizes proper technique, making this class suitable for all levels of practice.
Space for the yoga classes is limited, so advance ticket purchase is recommended.  The cost is $10 for members and $15 for nonmembers. To purchase tickets without service fees, visit the Museum's admission desk or box office.  Please visit the San Diego Museum of Art’s website for more information.


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