An Open Letter to All Essential Workers

Dear ALL Essential Workers, 

THANK YOU for ALL that you do, for your insurmountable courage and unwavering dedication to the health, safety and wellbeing of all people. The COVID-19 pandemic has bound most of us to the confines of our homes, to hunker down safely with our families, until this health crisis dies down. However, all of you have remained at work. 

While most of the world is experiencing some form of panic, you have remained calm. While all of us stocked up on household essentials, you continued to worry about the needs of others, instead of your own. While all of us greatly fear running out of toilet paper for our families, you are already seeing patients, and helping others without N95 masks, as the entire United States has fallen into a massive shortage. While all of us are hiding from germs inside, you are risking your lives for us every single day, as you step into the “office.” 

To all of the nurses, working the nightshift, missing bedtime stories with your children, THANK YOU. To all of the ER doctors, continuing to see patients without N95 masks, due to the shortage, THANK YOU. To all of the surgeons, keeping steady hands during this chaos, THANK YOU. To all of the therapists remaining available to your patients who need to talk, potentially now more than ever, THANK YOU. To all of the pharmacists, continuing to dispense the necessary medications to all of your patients, THANK YOU. To every scientific researcher, working tirelessly to find a vaccine for COVID-19, THANK YOU. To EVERY single Healthcare Professional, THANK YOU. 

To all of the law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, and 911 operators, continuing to dedicate yourselves to the safety of all people, THANK YOU. To all of the farmers, continuing to tend to your crops, so that all of us can EAT, THANK YOU. To all of the delivery drivers, courageously continuing to bring items to our homes, that we NEED, THANK YOU. To all of the grocery and convenience store employees, continuing to go to work, so that all of us can come in and get the things that we need for our families, THANK YOU. To EVERY single Essential Worker, THANK YOU.

Without you, where would we be?

We appreciate your bravery, sacrifices and incredible devotion. When this worldwide pandemic finally comes to a close, we will continue to appreciate each and every one of you. We will never forget what you did for all of us during the COVID-19 outbreak, because it is what you did for us before, and will continue to do after this is over. 

We are forever grateful,

-The World


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