5 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Quaran-time

With the “shelter in place” order currently taking shape in San Diego, we Californians are bound to our homes until further notice. For some of us, this may flare up panic, boost laziness, project boredom, or present extreme cases of cabin fever. However, it may be helpful to think of this situation in a different way, as a unique opportunity to spend some quality time at home. That being said, here are 5 ways that you can take advantage of your quaran-time!

1. Marie Kondo Your Home

If you have been completely absent from Netflix for the past year, and thus have not heard of Marie Kondo, she is THE Organization Consultant, of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Kondo’s method is famously referred to as KonMari, and consists of gathering up all belongings, and only keeping things that “SPARK JOY.” Couldn't we all use a little more joy in our lives at the moment? Once the joyful items are selectively chosen, Kondo says it is very important to choose a special place for everything, so that each belonging is given value. While we all have extra time at home right now, get some clean-spiration from Marie Kondo, and TURN TO TIDYING!

2. Healthify Your Life

Arguably the most difficult part of staying healthy is eating out, or the daily temptation of the “F” word- fast food. Staying at home takes this food-xiety away. While we are quarantined, why not focus on our health? Take it a step further, and focus on the health of the whole family. Cook balanced, nutritious meals for everyone in your home, full of green vegetables and high proteins. Try out some new recipes that you find online, and surprise your kids with how scrumptious eating healthy can be. Maybe the health kick will even stick after the quarantine is lifted!

3. Get Gardening

At this moment, we all are most likely wishing that we had gorgeous veggies growing in our backyards, and homemade ready-to-serve herbs! Farm to table has been all the rage for the past few years, and now is the PERFECT time to join the club. Order your supplies online, and get your green thumb going- I think all of us could use the fresh air! For a custom professional farm-to-table consultation, please visit Jackie And The Beanstalk.

4. Get Going- On A Peloton 

With SoulCycle canceled until further notice, it is time to SPLURGE on something you have probably dreamed about buying for some time now. Peloton brings the high energy and intensity of a cycling class straight to your living room, with a locked-in screen featuring hundreds of live-streamed classes. As we are all missing the gym and longing for the ultimate 750 calorie burn of a Soul class, it’s time to invest in your early Birthday gift.

5. Learn a Language 

C'est La Vie may be one of the only French phrases most of us know, but that could ALL change if we take advantage of our at-home time. Rosetta Stone understands this, which is why they are hosting FREE 3 month programs online, for any language! Think, the next time we visit our favorite country, we could be ordering in their native language. So, SEIZE THE DAY, become bilingual!


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