5 Pup Pointers For Luxxy Pooch Parents

Let’s face it, for dog lovers, our pups are truly members of the family. We adore our furry friends as if they are our own children, and typically they stress us out a whole lot less! Jokes aside, our loyal companions are devoted to one thing, loving their owner. Our dogs are always there to snuggle up with us on the couch after a long day at work, always ready and excited to go on long walks with us on sunny afternoons, always overjoyed when we walk through the door. They are just so HAPPY to be with us, with no motives other than to LOVE, which especially now is such a sense of comfort for us all. That being said, as much as our canines want to do what is best for us, I set out to learn a few ways to return the favor! 

I sat down with undeniable animal lover, Holli Lienau, of “Holli”day Anyday"; a proud Bulldog mama, Philanthropist, Chef, Mixologist, Pizza Party Perfectionist, Wine Connoisseur, YouTuber, Charitable Event Host and a true STAPLE in the beautiful community of Rancho Santa Fe, Within MINUTES of meeting Holli, I could tell that she goes above and beyond to celebrate her adorable Bulldogs, LuLu and Matty, 365 days a year! So, here is a list of 5 Pup Pointers For Luxxy Pooch Parents from Holli herself- ENJOY!

1. Filtered Water

As I know we all love our morning Cold Brew Coffee from Caffe Positano, afternoon Green Juice from Pony Room and nighttime Lavender Martini from Nick & G's, unfortunately our dogs do not have that luxury! As Holli pointed out, our precious pets will only ever drink WATER, for their entire lives. So, it seems the least we could do is serve them filtered water, instead of living on tap forever! If we don’t want to drink out of the faucet, they shouldn’t have to either. Holli says that she installed a water filtration system in her kitchen to fill up LuLu’s bowl, but that even giving your pups bottled water at least 75 percent of the time would be “so much better for their little bodies!”

2. Clean Dishes

We go to Mille Fleurs for Alaskan Halibut and cauliflower au gratin, expecting to eat off of sparkling pearly white dishes. So why wouldn’t we want our cute companions to be served in clean bowls as well? We wash our dishes after we use them, so let’s do the same thing for our pups! Holli recommends washing their food bowl with hot soapy water after every use, and washing their water bowl every few days.

3. Doggie Diet

This next one is SO important for our furry friends! KNOW the foods that are unsafe for dogs.
  • Onions & Garlic- causes anemia!
  • Chocolate- creates toxicity!
  • Grapes & Raisins- causes kidney failure!

4. Stay Secure 

When driving our small children around, we would never pull out of the driveway without strapping them up in a car seat. Dogs are no different! To keep your dogs safe and secure in the car, Holli recommends using a harness. Check out Holli’s YouTube video for a tutorial on how to securely strap up your pup, using a harness and a seat belt!

5. Hello Harness

Speaking of, Holli says using a harness on our dogs is SO important! Of course crystal collars are too cute, BUT yanking on a poor puppy's neck all day HURTS. Holli suggests using a collar and a harness, while attaching the leash to ONLY the harness for walks. Keep the sparkle, but make it painless! 

Holli doesn’t only love LuLu and Matty, she is instrumental in working with many Animal Charities, including, Socal Bulldog Rescue, Bali Street Dog Rescue, The Face Foundation and Cuddly.


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