4 San Diego Design Trends Making the International Scene

Consider Incorporating These Trendy Design Ideas Into Your Luxury Home

Home designs are becoming popular throughout the country and the globe. To stay on top of trends this year, be sure to incorporate some of these SoCal styles into your luxury home. Here, we’ll share the top four home decor and design trends that will keep your home looking fresh.

1. Bold Bathrooms

With the recent recognition of self-care and the long-standing desire to have luxurious bathroom experiences, it’s no surprise that bathroom trends are on the rise. This year, we are seeing an increase in deep, moody colors being incorporated in the bathroom. So, whether you choose to have navy blue walls or dark-hued tiles, your bathroom will be on-trend. 

Another bold feature that’s popular in bathrooms is the destination tub. Homeowners crave freestanding tubs that exude luxury and spa vibes. Whether you pick a classic clawfoot tub or an ultra-modern design, you can’t go wrong with a statement tub.

2. Home-Tech

California is quick to create and jump on technology trends, and there’s no difference when it comes to real estate. International home-tech is on the rise, and this year we will be seeing major advances in home automation. Not only will homeowners have the ability to access their home controls via apps, but they will also have increased convenience of voice command smart technology. 

Plus, these home-tech features will be making their way into almost every room of the home, including the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

3. Quartz Countertops

This year, remodelers and home designers are seeing an increase in quartz countertops. This stone is beautiful and expensive while also being extremely durable. In fact, quartz is incredibly strong—resistant to most damage caused by heat, cold, bacteria, and impacts. 

4. Outdoor Kitchens

These days, home design trends cater to both appearance and functionality. Because homeowners love to have areas of the home to entertain, we are seeing a rise in luxury outdoor kitchens. This outdoor room provides an extension of the home for owners to host guests in an exciting spot or simply relax on the back patio surrounded by nature.

If an outdoor kitchen is on the top of your design list, but you’re unable to install one in your home, consider a kitchen that opens to the outdoors. You may be able to incorporate nature in your indoor kitchen by adding larger windows, creating a walk-out space onto a deck, or installing full-length window walls.

If you’re ready to search for a property that already has these trends incorporated in the home design, let's get in touch. It would be my pleasure to introduce you to the modern and luxurious homes in the SoCal area. Plus, we’ll work together to ensure that you close a sale on a home that exceeds your expectations.


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